The Mörtti Röpö product line was created to give rodent lovers the opportunity to make the most of the animal (welfare) science world and to create the highest standard of living in their homes, making their pet`s lives longer, happier and healthier. All of our products are environmentally friendly – they can be burnt or used as compost.

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Product Overview

Mörtti Röpö BEDDING

  • is clean and natural, it DOES NOT CONTAIN waste from wood- processing industry and chemical substances;
  • is made by using only bioenergy;
  • has been treated at high temperature to exterminate all harmful bacteria;
  • is nearly dust-free to avoid allergies and respiratory problems in animals;
  • can be used longer since it absorbs moisture and unpleasant smell;
  • ensures easy cleaning due to the size of the pieces.


We only use aspen for our raw materials.
We use only bioenergy in our manufacturing process.

Aspen is a fast-growing native species, which regenerates with the help of root suckers. Aspen has fewer volatile compounds than other trees, which means chemical compounds do not interfere with the normal sleeping cycle of animal. Since aspen contains less resin, cages will remain in good condition longer and are also easier to clean. Aspen also has better absorbance than most other tree types.


Saada arvamus

Happy users


Dear future distributors!

We offer our product in three different packages:

  • plastic bag - 10 litres (approx. 2 kg)
  • plastic bag - 20 litres (approx. 4 kg)
  • fiber bag - 15 kg (approx. 100 litres)

If you are interested in our products, resale or want more info, feel free to contact us.